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tsu325 [userpic]

Axis Powers Hetalia Party

January 2nd, 2010 (11:44 pm)

 Ok! So usually I don't post much here....but now I have a reason to again. O.o
Today was the Axis Powers Hetalia Christmas Party. It was sooo amazing. I haven't had that much fun in ages! The party was at America's house. We got to play many games and stuff! <3

So the ride down was interesting. I was in the car with two Russian's and a stuffed bear and.....who are you? XD (loves Canada) It was pretty interesting. I do not like bridges....still XD
IT WAS SOOO SOOO SOOO COLD! And I didn't have on any pants since I was being Seychelles....nor was I wearing closed toe shoes. X.X Next time I will cosplay Lithuania so I will be able to wear pants! <3
We ended up taking some pictures outside...Prussia lost her glove to the....bay was it?- To a large body of water we happened to be by. 
I was soo happy to see everyone! <3 I loved all their cosplays!
There is sooo much more that I have to write to this..but I will leave it at that for now. XD

tsu325 [userpic]


January 21st, 2009 (10:45 pm)

Hey! so er ok! Apparently i haven't posted to this in 31 weeks or something? I don't know... Anyway... er yeah. So when I last posted I think was sometime around when things were going bad for me.

Lately things have been alright I guess...  er.. . here is the update?

~ I am no longer dating Sylus because of personal reasons which I do not wish to talk about....

~ I started college at Deleware County Community College in Sept of 2008

~ I graduated from Garnet Valley High School by the way,.... yay.... In June.2008

~ I am now entering my second semister of College and DCCC, taking up elementary education as my major. Hopefully if things go well I will be able to transfeer over to West Chester next year.

~ I am currently taking Psy, English comp, and Western Cultures... ( in the compleate opposite order then as i have just written)

~ I am currently dating Tony, we are going steady...

~ I have a new Kitten called Cupcake, who is my little baby girl! <3

~ Ozzy has now learned how to jump into bed with me everymorning.

~ I lost my cell phone again! x.x

Er yeah so at the moment I think that is all I have to say... Uh.... Dir en grey concert in 2008 was amazing.....
About 20 something days left till Katsucon. @.@
Soo not ready for that ... x.x

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Sylus Visit ~ Grad Party

June 18th, 2008 (07:32 pm)

Things were very interesting to say the least....
The first night was hell-ish becasue of my mother causing so much shit, the rest of the week was pretty much like heaven though. I miss Sylus Already!!! T.T Remember to wish on eyelashes becasue they work very well. 

the graduation party was ok... stupid shit happened there though. Curse my family members when they are drunk and don't know  what the fuck they are doing.

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K so like today..

May 12th, 2008 (03:09 pm)

Today is going alright I guess. This weekend was pretty cool. I really don't actually feel like going on the computer right now but i'm on anyway.. Wow guess i don't have much to do in life. x.x Bummer. Oh well. But yeah so I guess that I have had a good bit of stuff on my mind now cause like I am in a constant thinking mode.  I'm trying to get Sylus to come down over the summer from June 9th to June 13th! hopefully she can make it! ^ ^ 

Other then that things are pretty boring.

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MOther's day

May 11th, 2008 (09:40 pm)

Ok so like Today was Mother's day

My mom was really happy with the card I made her. It makes me happy that she was happy about it. Then we went to olive garden. Nothing really special there going on. I  got to visit Lone Star again. My bosses were happy to see me. I feel so loved by them sometimes. there is also someone else who makes me feel so loved. - that person is someone who I hope will come visit me this summer like they are trying to do. If they do then things will be nice i think. I miss them and hope they are having a good day/night. They shoudn't worry about things

Thats all that I am going to throw at you all at the moment.- Flyers please win?!!

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An interesting day ~

May 10th, 2008 (11:14 pm)

  1. Woke up at like 11 something in the morning
  2. Had breakfast with my family.
  3. Cleaned the kitchen
  4. Tried to take a nap- Was attacked by my brother so that plan was pretty fail.
  6. Tried to nap again
  7. Fuzz comes over for first time of the day - drops off glue and such
  8. After she leaves i go try to nap again and fail so then watch Sweeny Todd with Dad on NEW COMPUTER SCREEN OF AMAZING!!!
  9. Take shower then get ready for fuzz to take meh to chrno's to take us to the movies out in springfeild.
  10. Forbidden Kingdom = AMAZING!!! ~

OK so the movie was amazing because Jackie Chan is like the most amazing drunk that i have seen ever. Jet Lee ish also amazing. For those of you who haven't seen it.. it was great!! YOU SHOULD SEE IT LIKE NOW!
*grins at all the fun times* 
Okies so then Matt called me and Chrno to ask us if we wanted to go on a gum hunt. - Mind you that this is at like 9pm. 
We go on this gum hunt and at first find it ( this rare type of gum that like you can never find)  but the guy behind the desk didn't know it's price so then we couldn't buy it... That man = FAIL!!!
After going to a second place we do actually get the gum, then go out to get  Ice Cream. Ok- It is cold outside... we go get Ice cream! X.x BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!!! 

I'm so glad that the four of us got to hang out again. It has reminded me of the good old days.. 

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Big Mouse + Kyo = giving mouse the flush? O.o

April 9th, 2008 (09:10 pm)

OK! so we got home from Pizza Hut and missa had to go to the bathroom. She opened the door to said bathroom, slammed the door quickly and like screamed that there was a  mouse in there... 
My Cuz and I walked over like"REALLY?!!" Just as we were about to open the door, the mouse- That was VERY BIG FOR A MOUSE- Ran out from under the door and like charged at our feet then ran around the corner. 
WE SCREAMED!!!!!!!~  It ran into my mothers room, so then we sent Kyo after it. 
Kyo- we found out isn't very good at the whole catching the mouse thing... well ok.. he is.. but he just has to learn to not  just sit there and play with his food... because when he does he usually does something stupid and lets it get away... 
So since Kyo was being FAIL! - My dad joined in the chase... and did get the mouse.. - half dead like but still kicking.. soo he decided to flush it down the toliet. Which we all seen.. I feel bad for the poor thing now... but yeah...
That is what happed that was pretty much the highlight of the night.

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April 8th, 2008 (10:02 pm)


So I can't seem to figure out what is going on in my head anymore? I mean really... What Am I Doing? X.x I know I don't make any sense.... at all. But I just can't really put into words what is going on in my head. 
Maybe I have not come to terms with aspects of my life yet... something I don't know. But I have to figure it soon though.

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April 6th, 2008 (10:18 pm)

YAY FOR MORE HANA KIMI!!! -trying to get missa to be Aura boy! @.@ Hard thing to o. BUT SHE LIKES IT!......
Chrno was over.. - thanks for a fun time.. sorry i totally lost my math homework... X.x

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April 2nd, 2008 (10:04 pm)

Ne ok so today was alright. - another "how was my day" thing. x.x

Today I had to sign another contract thing. 

"I (insert name here) will not do anything to harm myself/ others by signing this contract. (yattayatta yatta) And so if I do have those thoughts/ideas then i will call Dr. Khan and tell him what is going on.. and (yattta yatta blah) and then tell my parents.

X(sign name here)
X (other sign of person here)

YAY FOR LIFE! O.X ''' ~ ~ ~     -.-

So like other then that..... Maria came to Visit meh. I feel bad not being able to tell her everything but.. that can't be helped at the moment. I have to fess up soon though and that is kinda like killing meh. Oh fricken joy.~ ~ 
So like things suck.. to be blunt. Meds are sort of helping though..- thanks Dr. Khan... Although i have a horriable- HORRIABLE headache. maybe that ish from the meds. O.O

THANK YOU LONE STAR FOR LETTING ME KEEP MY JOB AND NOT GIVING ME THE BOOT! - It really means a lot to me that you understand that i am having some problems and are willing to work with me to get though them. Even though you can't see this message, i still wanted to tell you it indirectly. You all are like my family and i miss everyone of you very much..even if we have our differences. I hope to be going back to work soon... Maybe after this week.

Chris has finally got into my head... he now can ping me in my head when i am talking me self down. Oh joy! *groans*

To the kids that I know at Rockford: I know you all wont see this either.. but I wanted to let you all know indirectly that you all have actually had a big impact on my life. Though we are all in there for diffent problems, I know that everyone does have that strength  to pull though- even if they can't see it just yet. Everyone has been though a lot there, the people that are there deserve so much respect. Because unlike others, they are trying to better themselves. Good luck to everyone of you OK!?!

That is pretty much all i can say for now.. have to get off X.X


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